Masonry Construction

For more than 25 years, Commercial Masonry has been recognized as one of the leading mason contractors in the area. Commercial Masonry Corp. has a proven track record of successfully and efficiently completing projects on time and on budget with the highest quality standards in the industry.

Masonry Construction

A top Boston area masonry commercial contractor, Commercial Masonry is located just south of Boston and performs commercial construction work and building project management for companies and businesses from Boston to Worcester to Cape Cod and the Islands as well as throughout New England. Their expertise in the masonry field is showcased in a wide variety of projects including hospitals, hotels, colleges and universities, office buildings, airports, churches, parking garages and retail stores.

Local, Experienced Commercial Masonry Contractors

Working with the right masonry company can make all the difference in the world on your new or existing commercial structure or building. If you want your business to shine and stand strong with outstanding masonry construction, repair, or restoration, call Commercial Masonry for your construction needs.

Why Commercial Masonry

Whatever project you have in the works, you want to be sure to connect with a top rate, experienced commercial masonry construction company, one with expertise not only in the application of masonry but with the design phase as well. Commercial Masonry is a valuable partner. With over 25 years of experience in masonry construction, they know how to plan and execute a project efficiently.

Restoration and Preservation

Our firm works with general contractors and directly with building owners, in the repair and restoration of concrete and masonry buildings. We perform watertests and leak investigation, we provide repair details for cosmetic and structural repairs, we provide property managers and building owners long term programs to maintain their building facades. The preservation of masonry surfaces includes repairing the natural stones with specially designed repair mortars, stone consolidation, facade stabilization, replacement of stone elements in kind, and protection of the masonry elements


Our firm is authorized to perform many of the different waterproofing systems and applications for both new construction and existing structures. For new construction projects we often work with both the owner and architects during the design phase and assist in developing waterproofing details. Existing buildings and structures have different types of waterproofing applications often dealing with tenants of occupied buildings, these applications often address waterleaks at building facades or at foundations walls.

Concrete Repair

We provide structural concrete repairs at buildings, bridges, tunnels and parking garages. The structural repairs include replacing structural steel ,cleaning and providing anti corrosive treatments prior to concrete placement. The placement and finish of ready mix concrete and pre-bagged specialized concrete repair mortars. We perform cosmetic repairs and protective finishes on concrete facades

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